Our most recent project was the completion of 3 animated videos for Barnes & Noble College.  They target incoming freshmen, and explain why the on-campus bookstore is the student’s best choice.

These three videos were created in a style known as RSA Animation.   First developed by the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce in the United Kingdom, it was created as a way to convey somewhat abstract ideas in an easily understandable, entertaining way.

Ours were all hand-drawn by artist and designer Tom Lee, whose credits include design and puppeteering duties for the Broadway production of War Horse, among many others.  These videos offer a fresh and friendly way to explain why the on-campus bookstore is a vital on-campus resource, and the best place for students to purchase their textbooks.

Our technique began with multiple drawings, created on 4’ by 6’ white boards using dry erase markers.  Although it looks like the artist is sketching before our eyes, these videos were actually recorded in reverse.  In essence, we shoot the artist erasing the finished drawing (using a top-secret technique, of course), then play the footage backwards.  In addition, we use a sophisticated animation program to clean-up the drawing (erasing, actually), and to add many subtle animated moments throughout.

The project was directed by Stephen Earnhart, and the original score and sound design was created be long-time collaborator John Davis.


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  • Cynthia Forman 4 years ago

    Not just fresh and engaging, also a business driver for us already. Our partners schools are rapidly sharing these beyond just the bookstore, cementing our relationship even deeper. Thanks Mike and team!